About Us

From left: Lori Hensley, Shelly Elliott, and Leslie Smith

When it comes to raising money for your organization, there’s a lot at stake. Your reputation is on the line, along with your donors’ money.

You may be wondering whether it’s a good idea to trust a company that you don’t know. So here’s a little bit about us:

  • The Envelope Challenge is a product of Longevity Partners GP.
  • We are Shelly Elliott, Lori Hensley, and Leslie Smith, three friends who often ran into each other at (pre-COVID) fundraising events.
  • One night at an event Lori had produced, Shelly, business management consultant, and Lori, fundraising professional, thought how cool it would be to take part of the fundraiser – envelopes being sold on a wall – to an online platform. They brought in Leslie, marketing agency owner, and voila: The Envelope Challenge and Longevity Partners GP were born.

We each own successful companies outside of Longevity Partners.

We’re moms who are active in our community.

We’ve served on boards and committees for organizations in and around Chattanooga, TN, as well as donated hundreds of volunteer hours (and dollars) over the years.

And each of us works with every client, personally, to help make every Envelope Challenge a success.

Lori Hensley
WorkLife Practitioners

Shelly Elliott
Cadall Company

Leslie Smith
Heron Design

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